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Return To Trademeet (v1.6):



Return To Trademeet, a total conversion (TC) for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal

Return To Trademeet is a total conversion that takes place after the adventures of Throne of Bhaal. The protagonist is again our Bg2 hero and now he/she is travelling, after many years and events, to his/her home town, Candlekeep. Take a look at the sections on your left to find more info about RTT!

Stai cercando la versione in italiano di Return To Trademeet? E' .: Qui :.!

The new version of Return To Trademeet (1.6) is downloadable from  .: here :. The main changes of this new version are:

  • A renewal for kits: new ones, new abilities, new bonuses and restrictions
  • Removed many priest and wizard spells replaced by new versions
  • Derek and Gilian can coexist in the same party now
  • Alenina, Ararin, Bolfain, Derek and Gilian have new classes or kits
  • Fixed an annoying bug that made the game crash when you were trying to equip certain weapons
  • Samuel's buy and sell prices are fixed
  • Alenina's quest won't stop if you kill the one who you promised not to kill
  • A new way to disable and restore the sound track
  • Fixed a couple of lesser bugs

Next releases will bring a whole new story line and many new areas (with all new graphics for them, no recycled areas from Baldur's Gate 1 or Icewind Dale). See you in the first quarter of 2008.




Return To Trademeet needs a small update (30kb). You can download version 1.5.1 .: here :.

Fixed an annoying item color bug: game crashed when you tried to equip ten weapons.




Return To Trademeet version 1.5 is here! The main changes of this new version are:

  • Added 46 items to replace the old ones of SoA and ToB

  • Added new icons for all the new items (about 120)

  • Samuel is the only 'common' merchant in Trademeet and Kristian's goods have their own price now

  • A few annoying NPC bugs fixed

.: Download :. it now!




Unfortunately the Return To Trademeet version 1.4 setup doesn't work.

Download this .: update :. (version 1.4.1) to fix the problem and to play Return To Trademeet (4 mb).




A new design for the site.

Return To Trademeet version 1.4 is here! The main changes of this new version are:

  • Starting xp: 2.500.000

  • Removed Elves and Drow quest

  • Journal updates will be deleted one day after the end of the quest

  • Imoen starting xp: 2.500.000

  • Other NPC starting xp: 1.000.000

  • Removed Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia and Anomen

  • Added 70 NPC interjections

  • Added 60 NPC banters

  • Added 30 NPC interacts

  • NPCs can rejoin the party if you got rid of them (only in chapter 2)

  • Less enemies (about 20%)

  • Say goodbye to absurd resistances

  • Many enemies are 'smarter' (improved AI and/or items, etc...)

  • A better way to play music (and to disable it)

  • Interjections fixed

  • Minor bugs fixed